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A Christ-centered, Spirit-filled Youth Ministry that passionately, perseveres to fulfill God’s purpose which is to redeem, restore and rescue relationships that have been destroyed and broken by our own self-centered, self-gratifying, self-indulging pursuit of personal fulfillment and joy that can be described by one word, Sin.


The Heart of Our Youth Ministry

Those who are a part of the Youth Ministry at Crowfield each acknowledge their sin and hold not only a belief but a conviction that the only way to be in a proper relationship with God and each other comes through one word, Salvation, which is a gift of God through Jesus Christ’s death burial and resurrection.  We each, as followers of Jesus Christ, are engaged in a process called progressive Sanctification, which is a day-by-day process of being refined, molded, and shaped into the image of Jesus Christ, by our heavenly Father’s providential hand of love.  This journey begins when a person recognizes that he or she has sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, repents of his or her sin, and puts his or her faith and trust in what Jesus has done to pay the penalty for their sin on the Cross of Calvary and His resurrection three days later.

The New Way

Finding forgiveness and restoration in their relationship with God, they now walk with God as a new creation putting off the old and putting on the new, always striving to be genuine followers of Jesus Christ, by putting others first and having the primary desire to be one that seeks to please God in all that they do.  Have you begun your journey?


You are not alone.  All of us have similar questions, desires, temptations, and failures.  We each have tried it our own way.  We each have our own hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  We all want to be accepted and loved.  Though we may not look the same, act the same, speak the same, we all have the same need.  Our Youth Ministry is committed to taking all that we have in common and all that makes us different. Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we mobilize a body of Christ known as Crowfield Baptist Church to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. You are invited to join God’s team as we journey together as branches connected to the Vine, which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Much Love and More Grace,
Philippians 1:6

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