About Us

Our Story

Crowfield Baptist Church began in 1989, and has grown to over 350 in Sunday worship attendance, with many ministries and multiple staff.

What to Expect if You Come

Sunday morning worship gatherings are geared to direct your attention to Jesus Christ, who is the object of all true worship. Our gatherings feature a blend of contemporary and traditional music. We have a choir, a Praise Band, and a Praise Team, all led by our Worship Pastor, Gary Fabian. Our Senior Pastor, David Coleman, usually teaches verse-by-verse in his sermons, with the goal of helping believers grow in their knowledge and application of Scripture. You will sense the Lord’s presence and be made to feel welcome by our people.

What We Believe

We believe all Scripture is inspired by God, that it is free from error, and that it serves to reveal His truth to us. We believe all human beings are born separated from God, and that only faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior can make any person right with God. We believe all persons are created by God for the primary purpose of worshiping Jesus Christ and serving Him through faith and obedience. As a Southern Baptist Church, we are in doctrinal agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000 edition), the complete text of which you may access at Baptist Faith and Message.