2018-2019 AWANA Registration Form


Child's Name

Parent's Name(s)


City, Zip Code

Date of Birth


Home Phone

Parent Cell Phone

Parent Email

Attend what church

List all allergies

List Major Illnesses

List Regular Medications

Emergency Contact #1


Emergency Contact #2


Doctor's Name

Doctor's Phone

Who will pick up child (must be 18 years old or older)

T-shirt size:

Cubbies Vest (3 year old & pre-Kindergarten): SMLXLXXL

Sparks Vest (K5 - Grade 2): SMLXLXXL

T&T Shirt (Grades 3-6): YSYMYLASAMALAXL

I, as parent/guardian with legal responsibility for child listed on this form, hereby grant Crowfield Baptist Church the perpetual right to use photographs or video taken of my child/dependent for any legitimate purpose without compensation to my child/dependent, myself, or my child’s/dependent’s heirs, executors, or assigns. Legitimate purpose may include, but are not limited to, advertising on the web, in newspapers, magazines, internal publications, displayed prints, worship services special events, curriculum, etc..
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As parent/guardian, I will do my part to ensure my clubber understands and follows the rules and expectations. As a parent/guardian, I also have the responsibility to help my child at home with their hand books.
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